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Did you know that as well as on our hands and feet, ears are full of energy points that can be stimulated! Are you looking for an interesting way to help you shed the extra pounds? Energetic earrings can help you. They can be worn very easily! Just 10 to 20 minutes a day will help put all the odds in your favour! Great to help you suppress your appetite! Don't fall off the wagon! Stick to your diet! You're going to be surprised by these magnetic earrings! They really work! They're so easy to wear! Thousands of people are already using them! Why not join them?***

Sleep betterBe Zen

If you have trouble sleeping, your nights are short or restless, these energetic earrings could be what you're looking for. Made from Neodymium (2500 Gauss), the points they stimulate can help provoke peaceful sleep. SO simple to use... just wear them for 1/2 hour before sleeping. You don't need to have pierced ears! Thanks to the magnets and are so positioned easily on the traditional energy points of the ear: those corresponding to sleep, hunger, and relaxation... A map of the points is provided with the earrings.***


Wear these magnetic earrings between 10 and 20 minutes a day and combat those negative emotions and daily stresses! This accessory is so effective when it comes to beating stress, relaxing, reducing fears such as flying... If you want help when it comes to feeling a little better about life, relaxing, keeping things in perspective, overcoming obstacles...then these earrings might be just the ticket. Why wait? Test them out for yourselves! And don't forget your friends and family! The trick is to put them on every evening and to start off with a new pair every month.***

These incredible earrings can be used to:

Sleep better

Lose weight


Cut down on cigarettes

Travel better

Stay positive

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